Role of Smart Technology In Dental Care

In recent years, technology plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. Smart technology has changed the faces of dental care to a greater extent. People often ignore their oral health. They visit the dentist only when they suffer from tooth pain or other dental health. Your overall health can be assessed by examining your teeth. Oral health can help to know about your eating habits and also signals the risk of any type of disease in your body. Maplebrook Dental emphasis on the importance of smart technology in dental care. A review of the latest dentistry devices can help to understand the role of smart technology in dental care.

What is Smart Technology in Dental Care?

It is nothing but using Self-Monitoring Analytics and Reporting Technology in dental care. It has greatly changed and modernised dental care. Smart technology is responsible for the early detection of dental problems. Smart devices enable the access of data related to oral health for the patients. Thus smart technology influences patients to seek preventive dental treatments.

The following talks about the significant benefits of smart technology in dental care.

Improves Dental Care

Smart technology has improved the quality of dental care provided by dentists. Smart teeth are said to offer enormous amounts of information on one’s oral health. Scientists glued sensors on the teeth, and this helps to record various actions inside the mouth. These recordings were used as evidence for research. It helped to assess the overall health condition of a person.

Smart technology can identify various dental issues. Smart teeth can tell if you’re chewing your food right. Improper chewing of food can result in plaque buildup in teeth. This can lead to cavities. It can also spot teeth positioning and aligning problems. Smart technology is used to identify dental issues and improve the diagnosis of the same. This, in turn, improves dental care offered by dentists.

Spot Unhealthy Habits

It is said that unhealthy habits are a serious threat to your dental health. Clenching, nail-biting, bad eating habits can affect the overall appearance of your teeth. Certain unhealthy habits can damage the shape and size of your teeth. Eating unhealthy foods can severely affect your oral health. Smart technology plays a crucial role in spotting and treating oral health problems due to unhealthy lifestyle or habits.

Researchers implanted artificial teeth embedded with sensors to detect dental issues related to bad eating habits. The accelerometers or sensors offered dentists with valuable information on what their patients eat. It also recorded other habits like smoking, chewing of ice, nail-biting and clenching of teeth. It helped patients to stay mindful of their daily lifestyle. Early spotting of unhealthy habits can preempt common dental problems.

Early Detection of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal is a severe gum infection that can result in tooth loss and other dental issues. The use of an advanced sensor can help to detect problems related to periodontitis. The gingival crevicular fluid and saliva are studied for early detection of periodontal disease. Smart technology has revolutionised the current treatment for treating periodontitis.